Reading Groups

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platform do you use? How do I get the link to join?

Q: Why is it called a “reading group” and not a “book club”?

A: All reading groups take place via Zoom. This is intended as a virtual event and is not specific to the pandemic. The Zoom link will be sent to all registered participants between 12 and 48 hours in advance of each RG.

A: Unlike a book club, as a reading group, there is no reading required to be done in advance. The reading occurs in the first 10-30 minutes of the group via a screen share (where applicable) and read out loud to all participants. The discussion then follows for the remainder of the time. Any resources related to the reading will be shared via the chat function during the session and will be emailed to all participants after the completion of the session. The main point of these groups is to allow people to have access to academic-like readings without requiring work to be done outside of their allotted times.

Q: What kind of accessibility is available?

Q: Are the Reading Groups really free? Are donations accepted?

A: the zoom room will have live, computer-auto generated closed captions available. All readings will be available both visually and audially. ASL interpretation is not available at this time, but will be available in the future. Any additional questions about ASL interpretation can be asked via email.

A: Yes. The RGs are indeed, really free. There is no cost to register or attend. Donations are accepted as desired, please get in touch via email if you are so inclined.

Q: When will I receive access to the readings?

A: The readings will be available at the time each session starts. If it is available digitally, it will be offered via screen share and with any additional resources in the chat function, and via email after the session. This means that only attendees will receive access to the readings and resources of each session.

Q: If the reading groups are free, why do I have to register?

Q: What are the rules of attending the RGs?

A: Registration allows the organizer to know how many people are potentially attending each session, it also allows for an additional step to prevent trolling attendees by not listing the Zoom link on the webpages or event pages for each event.

A. Participation is not required; however, everyone in attendance must: Listen to what others have to say, and share with an open mind; not use derogatory or intentionally hurtful language (including slang); recognize your own privilege where appropriate; and take and give feedback with kindness.