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The call for proposals is now open. Use this link to apply:

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Proposals will be accepted between 10/20/2021 and midnight (12:00am) on 12/01/21 GMT-5 (Eastern Time Zone in the US). Accepted presenters will be notified on a rolling basis. All presenters will be notified of their acceptance into or rejection from KBtL II by 12/15/2021. To figure out your time zone if you’re not in US/Eastern time, use this link:

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Presenters are expected to identify with some form of marginalization/diversity/minoritization within a kinky context. Please note that KBtL organizers will not fact-check your experience of marginalization. Marginalization within a kinky context is not limited to marginalization outside of that context and differs based on physical location around the world.

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Past Sessions

Bondage for Bigger Bodies
Darling, You Are Growing Older – Aging in the scene
Female Empowerment on Both Sides of the Slash
Let’s Talk about Race Baby: A POC Discussion Panel on Fetishization and Race
Overwhelmed or Enjoying It: Sensory Needs in Kink
Playing When Health is a Hard Limit
Power Negotiation: Skills for more authentic scene building
Trauma Informed Aftercare

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Past Presenters