Volunteers help to make KBtL run smoothly

Volunteering Perks
  • Less than 4 hours = 50% off admission costs
  • 4 – 8 hours = free admission (with 50% off for extended access)
  • 8+ hours = free admission & free extended access

Volunteers are asked to be available for a 30 minute session with a staff member in the week leading up to KBtL for a short training regarding their position.

Please read the following volunteer positions and fill out the form below to sign up for volunteer slots.
Use this form to sign up.
Positions are available between 30 minutes prior to the first session and through 1 hour after the last session of each day.

Consent and Emotional Care (CEC) Team: This position requires volunteers to use discord to assist any participant, volunteer, or staff with concerns related to consent and/or emotional care during the time of the event. Volunteers should be trained in or have experience with conflict management, active listening, and/or other related techniques. Volunteers will be required to document any issues that come up with the CEC Team Lead.

Class Assistant: This role assists the presenter during the class by monitoring the chat feature and assists with time reminders. Class Assistants also introduce the presenter following a set script. Additionally, before the class, this person helps get people excited for the session by posting in Discord channels, and let’s folks know that the Session Channel is open. After the class, the Class Assistant helps guide the participants back to discord for any further discussion and monitors the discord space for that class for at least 15 minutes after the class.

Zoom-Room Monitor: This position is responsible for being in the Zoom-Room with the tech/ops team member about 10-15 minute prior to the class start. Monitors will be made host and will be in charge of navigating the technical side of Zoom hosting. Zoom-Room Monitors will be responsible for many tech-tasks including assisting in screensharing and break-out rooms for presenters (where needed), assigning co-host privileges, making sure captions are turned on, and helping navigate opening and closing the room to attendees before and after the class. This position requires you to be available 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and 15 minutes after the conclusion of the session. Zoom-Room monitors are not required to be on-camera, and may be asked to take a short training in the week leading up to KBtL-III. This role can be combined with the Class Assistant role if desired.