Sponsorship and Volunteering


All sponsors will have their logo listed on the main page, publicized on Facebook, Twitter, and Fetlife, and will have their company name read at the beginning of all classes. Sponsors of $250-$400 will also be granted one complimentary ticket, and sponsors of more than $400 will be granted two complimentary tickets and will be listed as “gold” sponsors on all Kink Between The Lines web pages.

Financial Sponsorship

This is the most common type of sponsorship. Financial Sponsorships can be general or specific. Some examples of specific financial sponsorships are those that cover a set number of interpreters for an event, covering our Zoom License, or covering costs of our participants who cannot afford the full price of their ticket for the weekend. Or anything else that helps the event run smoothly and helps attendees ability to participate. We also offer financial sponsorships in which the full contribution goes toward a specific identity group; for example, you might sponsor all the presenters of color or all the disabled presenters. In either of those cases, the full amount will be split between all the presenters who self-identify as the identity being sponsored.

Gift Sponsorship

A Gift sponsorship is when a sponsor provides a gift to attendees directly. This could be sponsoring the first X number of attendees who register at a certain ticket style. Gifts can be digital or physical, (though KBtL cannot assist in mailing physical gifts to attendees).

We are flexible with our sponsorship opportunities, and welcome all ideas you have. No sponsorship is too little nor too much. You are in full control in how your sponsorship is used.

Please email kinkbetweenthelines@gmail.com to sponsor Kink Between the Lines 2021.


Volunteers help to make KBtL run smoothly

Volunteering Perks
  • Less than 4 hours = 50% off admission costs
  • 4 – 8 hours = free general admission
  • 8+ hours = free extended admission

Volunteers are asked to be available on Friday February 4th, 2022 for a short training regarding their position.

Please read the following volunteer positions and fill out the form below to sign up for volunteer slots.
Use this form to sign up.
Positions are available between 30 minutes prior to the first session and through 2 hours after the last session of each day.

Consent and Emotional Care (CEC) Team: This position requires volunteers to use discord to assist any participant, volunteer, or staff with concerns related to consent and/or emotional care during the time of the event. Volunteers should be trained in or have experience with conflict management, active listening, and/or other related techniques. Volunteers will be required to document any issues that come up with the CEC Team Lead.

Discord Moderator: This position moderates conversations occurring on Discord or Gather. Helping where they are able with the Discord FAQ, registration questions, and referring participants to tech or staff assistance where needed.

Zoom-Room Monitor: This position is responsible for being in the Zoom-Room with the tech/ops team member and the presenter about 10-15 minute prior to the class start. Monitors are responsible for connecting with the presenter to determine what their needs are during the class; some frequent needs include, monitoring the chat function and helping the presenter time-keep. However there are other possible things the presenter may need from the Monitor. The Monitor should also moderate the chat; offer support 1-1 with participants if needed, and give the opening and closing to the class (an intro at the beginning) and reminders at the end. While Zoom-Room Moderators are not required to be on camera, they are required to be on voice when giving the opening and closing to the class. Zoom-Room Monitors are not expected to formally open or close the Zoom-Rooms to participants. This position requires you to be available 15 minutes prior to the class start time and through 15 minutes after the class end time.