Programming Sessions

The call for Proposals for KBtL IV will be available in January 2023.

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Community Building & Recognizing Privilege

Collaborative Consent: Pursuing Pleasure While Reducing Risk —- Inclusive Teaching Practices for the Kink Educator —- Listening with Empathy —- Safety & Justice in the Scene —- Space to Share: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Creating Affirming Spaces


Connecting With Your Body for Kink —- Kink and Disabilities —- Playing When Health is a Hard Limit —- Schizophrenia in the Scene —- Sustainable Power Exchange: Navigating Physical & Mental Health in PX Relationships —- You Can Love a Narcissist


Autism and Kink —- Overwhelmed or Enjoying It: Sensory Needs in Kink —- Speaking Up —- You Can’t Even Read the Room: Working with Neurodivergence in Power Dynamics

Power Dynamics

Accountability within the D/s and M/s Dynamic —- Developing and Modifying Protocols and Rituals for Disaabled and Able-Bodied Kinksters —- Entering a Power Exchange Without Being Aware of Your Self-Worth —- Female Empowerment on Both Sides of the Slash —- Final Gifts: Planning End of Life Care in a D/s Dynamic —- Power Negotiation: Skills for More Authentic Scene Building —- Transparency: In and Out of Power Exchange Dynamics


Auntie Midori’s Queer Kinky Slash Story Telling —- Demystifying Asexuality —- Gender Affirmation Through Body Modification —- Modeling Asexuality: Exploring the Cycle of Experience —- Queer Sex


A Lounge for Dominants of Color —- Bi, Dominant, and a WOC —- Discussion at the Intersection of Race and Kink: POC Discussion Pannel —- Indigenizing BDSM

Social Identities

Bondage for Bigger Bodies —- But I’m a Parent!: Navigating a Kinky Life While Also Raising Little Humans (Without Scarring Them for Life) —- Darling You Are Growing Older: Aging in the Scene —- Differentiation for Rope —- Kink is My Job —- Living Kinky After Relitions Abuse: From Victims to Survivors —- The Diversity of Perversity

Trauma, Care, and Self-Growth

Divining Your Desires: Deconstructing and Reading Tarot to Deepen Your Kink Practice —- Finding Yourself in Kink (and out of it!) —- Honoring Your Personal Darkness —- How to Build an Intimacy Space —- Imposter Syndrome, the Scene, and Me —- Self Care In the Scene —- Trauma Informed Aftercare —- Trauma Informed Topping