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November 2022 Presenters

Casper Reynolds (they/them/theirs)

Casper is a kink & sexuality educator, sex worker, & writer. As an educator, they have previously taught about developing a porn brand & creating gender expansive spaces. They also support the work of Lee Harrington as his personal assistant. Outside of their education work, Casper manages their fetish porn brand, Little Mx. Goth, & writes queer horror fiction.

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Darren Campbell (he/him/his)

Darren Campbell is a sexuality & relationship coach & educator based out of Toronto, Canada. He is an engaged & thoughtful community member with over 20 years of experience navigating kinky, non-monogamous, & queer identities. His work is centred on providing people tools and frameworks to have deep connections, loving relationships, and phenomenal sex. He is particularly invested in facilitating spaces that explore a nuanced approach to consent and focus on detoxifying masculinity.

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DawnSparkles (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs)

DawnSparkles aka Bubbles is a dutiful service submissive and a passionate masochist from the New England area. Bubbles previously ran Little Scouts #203, and after 3 years of leadership refocused their educational energy on the global community at large. A fervent writer and chronic oversharer, Bubbles is passionate about spearheading changes in community health standards for the kink scene and all of its participants.

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Devyn Stone (he/him/his)

Devyn Stone is a self-awareness and BDSM educator, author, and alternative lifestyles coach. He believes in diversity not division, and actualizes that idea by promoting affirming spaces and interactions. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking and Executive Producer for the THRIVE conference. Devyn’s been actively practicing authority transfer dynamics since 2004. Today he lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his property, Guan-Xuan. Learn more at!

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Echolynx (they/them/theirs, die/hun)

Echolynx or just Echo is a longtime kinkster, back-of-the-house community member, and full-time kitten. Originally from Boston, they are now based out of Amsterdam building and connecting with the communities in Europe. Echo is an organizer and an educator by nature; a switchy rope artist, boot enthusiast, silly-sadistic asexual in practice; and a polyamorous s-type. They also identify with various forms of queer and disabled and recognize where their white and mostly-masculine passing privilege intersect with their engagements in community. Over the last decade, they have held various leadership positions and taught at various events. Echo is the founder and Executive Kitten of the Kink Between the Lines Conference.

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HannahTheScribe (she/her/hers)

HannahTheScribe is a 24/7 high protocol service slave/housewife and lifestyle masochist in a monogamous, irrevocable consent dynamic. She’s also an author, BDSM educator with a focus on practical service education, local TNG facilitator, and butler school student. She lives in Las Vegas with her Mistress/wife and their two cats.

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InquisitiveElle (he/him/his, they/them/theirs, she/her/hers)

InquisitiveElle has been active in BDSM and kink communities since 2016. Elle is an avid volunteer both at his home base in Albany, NY, as well as in virtual spaces. Elle is grateful to be a friendly face to those who need one. Elle has been a bottom, Top, and submissive in play and relationships. Elle is passionate about service, negotiation, communication, and connection. Elle is excited to offer a collaborative environment to share experiences and learn together.

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Jaki Griot (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs)

Since 2012 with Perverts of Color. Jaki has been creating art and organizing events for people of color to celebrate the diversity of perversity in Leather, BDSM, and Kink communities. Jaki has been working in the adult industry since 2006 teaching sex education, hosting events, and selling toys. This makes over 15 years of experience doing what she loves and inspiring others to do the same. Sex and playtime are some of the ways we create joy in our lives. They want people to play with themselves and their partners.
What’s important to Jaki is to make playtime feel fun and pleasurable so people feel empowered to explore their passions. You don’t have to “feel sexy” to have a great sex life. All bodies regardless of gender, sex, race, size, and abilities can have a rewarding healthy sexual lifestyle. Playtime is important for grown folks too. 

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John Pendal (he/him/his)

John Pendal is an experienced BDSM educator, joining us all the way from England, UK. In 2003 John became the 25th person to win the annual International Mr Leather contest in Chicago. Since then he has taught BDSM workshops all around the world including twelve consecutive years at Thunder in the Mountains in Denver. He spent lockdown gaining a diploma in life coaching and two qualifications in First Aid for Mental Health.

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lilybeast (she/her/hers)

With over twelve years in the lifestyle, lily is a submissive, masochistic brat in a 24/7 High Protocol primal M/s dynamic. As a service-oriented individual, lily focuses on culinary and companion service as well as household management, using skills gained from nearly two decades in customer service and hospitality.

An active and engaged member of the Southern California kinky community, lily is a staff member of the SoCalKink Discord, an admin in a twenty thousand strong brat group on Facebook, and assists in running a High Protocol monthly book club, where she facilitates discussion and promotes learning about service and High Protocol.

Outside of kink, lily goes to therapy, loves cooking, and tries to take time to read in the tub with a glass of wine whenever she can.

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Maeve McBride (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs)

Maeve is a sexological herbalist, BDSM educator, published writer, kink party host and Dungeon Monitor, who has been exploring the intersections of kink, trauma-healonh, plants, and magick for nearly 20 years. A fun, sensual and compassionate switchy-witch, Maeve enjoys empowring folx of all persuasions to work towards their unique health, erotic and sexual goals using plant preparations, manifestation tools, goal setting, and anatomy geekery; to enjoy exploring their bodies and fantasies.

Certified in clinical herbalism and biodynamic childbirth education, Maeve has been in the healthcare field for 15 years and now spends most of their time teaching classes, organizing kinky community events, leading the Dungeon Monitors Resource Group, and working with clients in private practice.

Maeve is from the Pacific Northwest (USA), their personal pleasures include spending time with their family, gardening, dancing around a fire all night, and more.

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Master Kaddan Yue (she/her/hers)

Master Kaddan Yue, Northeast Leather Woman 2020-2021, Leather Solidarity Collective & UPRISE! Co-Producer, founding sister & VP of the ONYX Pearls NY/Northeast, and LLC 2022 Servant Leader award winner, has more than 40 years of experience living the lifestyle. After spending her initial seven years in the lifestyle “training from the bottom up,” she has become the third generation of her line trained in this style. Master Kaddan now spends her retirement years doing service for her community locally and nationally by doing presentations and helping to mentor and educate the next generation. She is currently working on many passion projects that will help bridge the gap between mental health and the BDSM lifestyle. 

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Master Retro Bella (she/her/hers)

Master Retro Bella is a Latina Master and Queer Leather Woman from California. Active in the Bakersfield BDSM community since 2010, Master Retro Bella founded the San Joaquin valley’s 1st girls of Leather chapter: San Joaquin Valley girls of Leather and the project “Women Educators in the Valley.” She is the Assistant Director of M.A.sT Bakersfield. Thoughtful M/s teaching and speaking on BIPOC speaking panels set her heart on fire.

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Ms Jay (she/her/hers)

A proud Anishinaabe Algonquin, Ms Jay, is a public speaker, storyteller, Dominant and River Protector. She specializes in ritual body modification and in using natural elements in play.

Indigenizing is not simply adding content to ideas that already exist, but rethinking old ideas and learning from past relationships to lands, culture, and communities.

Ms Jay strives to passionately decolonize sex and kink.

As the Matriarch to House of Iron, an Indigenous Leather Collective, she believes that the activism work of ending white supremacy begins first with body autonomy and radiates outward into change.

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Naukara (they/them/theirs)

Naukara, an unapologetically queer and trans, Deaf, disabled, Sikh slave has been both Owned and Owner in separate M/s dynamics. They grew up in Maine to kinky parents, joined the Army, and now reside in Baltimore serving as Majordomo in their kink life and butler in their professional life. They have been active in the BDSM and Leather Community for two decades largely based out of the Dark Odyssey events and have also attended and taught at events including, MsC, CLAW, IML, LR, QI, LFMP, and BBM. Nauka has spent eight years in a Master’s collar, six with a collared slave of their own, and has over ten years of butler experience. They live and breathe service, they love organization, and they know over 25 ways to fold a fitted sheet. They’re on something of a mission to get seafoam green recognized as a service hanky.

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Nyx Lunaea (they/them/theirs)

Nyx Lunaea is a non-binary, queer, disabled human who has been in the BDSM lifestyle since 2009, and has been in their current dynamic since 2012. They are a top, an extrovert, a lover of pointy things, gardener, and a part-time dog. Nyx cares about inclusivity, accessibility, and making the world a better place! They believe that it is important to always be learning, and always growing!

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Professor pretty kitty (she/her/hers)

Professor pretty kitty goes by Professor kitty, pretty kitty, or just PK for short. She identifies as a kitty, Leathergirl, and slave. PK is involved in the community as an active member and attendee of several MAsT chapters, a Hard Pink Sister, and co-founder of Kinky Jews of Philadelphia. She serves many local, regional, and virtual Lifestyle events as a volunteer, staff, and presenter. Outside this community, she is an advocate in the chronic illness community, a science educator, and a nerd.

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Puppet (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs)

Puppet is a kinkster, author, and geek who lives in the twin cities with her cat, chosen family, and a collection of tiny giant robots. A queer trans woman, she lives with physical and mental diagnoses that include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Complex PTSD, and depression. After leading an uncon discussion of disabilities and accessibility needs in kink spaces in 2019, she has been leading classes and workshops online and at several conventions to help spread awareness and share ideas.

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Robin (she/her/hers)

Robin is an Autistic ADHD trans woman with a passion for rope, kink, and life.

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Sir Wombat (she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs)

Sir Wombat (Dr. Escareño) is a two-spirited Deaf urban Los Angeleno indigenous person fueled by social justice and perpetuating meaningful change. Sir Wombat identifies mostly on the Left side of the slash including Doctor. Sir Wombat is the head a leather family, the House of Wombat, who are experienced in kinks and BDSM skills which are passed down. Guided by Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness, Sir Wombat mentors’ others through this ethical lens while embracing their sexual spirit.

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SnappedGinger (she/her/hers)

SnappedGinger is a feisty good girl, pain slut, and experienced educator. When she’s not meeting new people, being bossed around, or off on a tangent about bottoming education, you’ll likely find her playing for catharsis, headspace, and/or service. She enjoys exploring and learning about a wide variety of play thanks to her indecisive nature and insatiable curiosity. She has striven to bring her variety of experiences and perspectives to her classes for the benefit of others.

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Synuates (he/him/his, hy/hym/hys)

Synuates is a kinky social worker currently living in Amsterdam. His primary areas of focus include macro social work, trauma, health equity, and gender diversity. Mutual aid, healing from trauma, marginalization and oppression dynamics, and creating strong communities are all deep interests of Synuates’.

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Voyd Penance (he/him/his, they/them/theirs, it/its/its)

Voyd Penance is a Massachusetts-based queer kinky disabled sex worker and kink educator trying to live their best life.

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Wintersong (he/him/his)

Wintersong is a presenter, spirit worker, sex & kink educator, activist, and photographer, with over a decade of experience running rituals and teaching classes at conferences and events across the United States. His topics include kink/BDSM techniques, alternative spirituality, queer/LGBT issues, and polyamory. Aside from presenting, Wintersong is the former assistant producer for Dark Odyssey Events and his writing has been seen in The Bilerico Project, HUGGIN Magazine, Pittsburgh’s Out, and more. Wintersong’s spirit & ritual work is centered around rites of personal transformation as well as the relationship between the living and the honored dead. He is a founder and council member of Clan Tashlin, a magical order built around a unique approach to magic and the relationship between people and land.

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