Think Between the Lines is a multi-faceted space to expand thinking about marginalization and inclusion. Our mission is to help people think through systemic oppressions by way of education. We aim to shine a light on injustice and diversity and hope to empower individuals and communities worldwide to utilize change strategies.

Why should you attend a Think Between the Lines Event?

Very capable at managing an event: organized, with good communication skills. The organizer has for several years run events that have a variety of aspects to be managed. They are willing to do the hard work to get the job accomplished be it paperwork/behind the scenes or on the ground during the event.


The organizer’s leadership is second to none. They are extremely personable, friendly and always readily available should anything be needed. They are informed on a wide variety of subjects and will never cease to surprise you with that increasing body of knowledge, they love to learn new things and never stop educating themselves to always be on top of the situation. I would volunteer for any project they are leading simply because I know I would have the best experience and a fun time collaborating with them. They make the most mundane tasks exciting and fresh and they bring a light and energy that is both infectious and contagious. This organizer is definitely someone you want leading.

– Melissa

Contact us at k.betweenthelines@gmail.com