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Placing a higher value on diversity

Think Between the Lines is a multi-faceted space to expand thinking about marginalization and inclusion. Our mission is to help people think through systemic oppressions by way of education. We aim to shine a light on injustice and diversity and hope to empower individuals and communities worldwide to utilize change strategies.

  • Too often programming about marginalization and diversity is left out.

  • Frequently it's scheduled across from exceedingly popular classes or instructors, so it is left with a lower attendance rate because it is on a topic of “should do” rather than “top choice.”

  • Sometimes, these important facets of community learning are offered at the most inopportune times of day; such as too early or too late; or they are offered at times in which the topic of the class is contradicted by the time the class is offered, such as holding parenting classes when daycare is not open.

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Think Between the Lines’ conferences bring together communities and give you front-row access to the knowledge you crave.

Join us for KBtL - An alternative sexuality based conference: September 2024

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